Current Cravings

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“You expensive, you know that? I’m high maintenance a little bit but not in a negative way, I just like extremely expensive things.” These Drake lyrics do not characterize me at all, however, my current cravings may cause you to disagree. Herein lies my fall wish list. These are items I’ve been gushing over for months/weeks on end. Clearly I’m in love with the new Gucci and that accounts for the bag, belt, and loafers on my wishlist…Christmas is around the corner. I also need a new laptop and the rose gold Macbook is a beauty. Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots are a staple in any fashionista’s closet, but that price point though!  I fell in love with Marc Jacobs Decadence a few weeks ago but ended up purchasing the YSL Black Opium instead. I see myself going back to pick this fragrance up in the near future. Capping off my list with a gorgeous sweater dress from Zara and the MAC Cleansing Oil, I’ve heard great reviews! What are you obsessing over this season?

Selah, Crys ♥

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