You Can’t Buy Style

Welcome to my blog! My name is Crystal Williams and I am currently living outside of Baltimore, Maryland. I attended the University of Maryland, College Park c/o 2014 and I am currently teaching in the Baltimore City Public School System. I’ve been talking about forming this creative outlet for years and I’ve finally mustered up the gumption to pursue this burning interest I have in fashion. I did not realize that I have put off starting this blog out of fear that it will not be the success that I envision. Nevertheless, I am excited about this new journey.

Why “Expert Amateur Stylist?”

I consider myself an “Expert Amateur” because I have very little experience in the fashion industry outside of occasionally styling close family and friends, minimal retail experience, and my personal weekly shopping encounters (both online and in-store). Though I may not have the resume credentials, there is definitely something special about my ability to find and put together pieces that are suitable and flattering for the individual I am dressing whether myself or another…

Expect to find everything fashion, beauty, and lifestyle related here. I  am very excited for you all to take a look into my closet, I have some pieces I’ve been dying to share!

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